Alerts & Notifications 
To be alerted of a stream going live you must first click the buttons at the top for the specific type of notification to be enabled.
Then you must also click to enable which type of notification you want for each stream

Regarding the viewer counter(s)
Viewers: The amount of people who have the page or player open.
Mute:	Viewers that have the stream muted OR paused
Pause:	Viewers that have the stream paused.
Active: Viewers that (Within the last second) have either:
	1. Moved their cursor anywhere on the page 
	2. Tabbed back into the stream.
Offpage: Users that are not on the actual page and may not be in any attached twitch chat etc.

Flash Player
	You can set your own buffer size
	increasing it will reduce the impact of any dropped frames but will increase delay.
	Very low values may cause FPS issues
HTML Player
	Buffer preset to minimum
	Due to RTMP streams needing to be converted for HLS streaming, the delay is always above 5 seconds.

 *VIP Mode*
Whitelist: Set who can view your stream on a per-user basis
Blacklist: Block specific users from viewing your stream
* You'll be able to see if disallowed users attempt to view!
Publish VoDs - Control wherever your VoDs are publicly viewable.